Friday, 15 August 2008

The dogfish skinning contest

Many years ago fellow skipper, Allan Booth, owner of the Ramsgate based charter boat ‘Bonaventure II’, came around for a couple of beers.

On the sink unit in the Celocant's abode were two un-skinned dogfish that I had brought home to eat. The wife was going out for the evening but made me promise that I would not make mess of her kitchen.

A couple of beers turned into a session and as skippers do, we started to ‘swing the lantern’. A friendly argument arose on who was the better boatman and who was the most professional with a filleting knife.

To decide the best man, a dogfish skinning contest begun. My timed attempt was 28 seconds – although I did have a problem when its head parted from its body. Nevertheless, this was the winning time with Allan three seconds behind me.

By this time, all of the beers had been consumed and the task of cleaning up the kitchen had to be attempted before the wife came home. Between us, I thought that we did a splendid job. Not a bit of mess could be seen.

However, when Mrs Celocant entered the kitchen, she went berserk. Bewildered we asked what was wrong – the sink unit was spotless. It was then she beckoned to the ceiling. There was a red streak of blood and guts hanging above the sink. Needless to say, I blamed Allan.

Morale of the story – make sure the head stays on the dogfish when you skin it!!!!!!

Before anyone brings any dogfish around for me to skin – the answer is NO.
After the many thousands of dogfish and skate that I have had to skin for anglers in the past, I now have arthritis in both my thumbs.

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